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Below are helpful videos and tips on how to upkeep your rental property.
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Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or if you’d like to submit a maintenance request.
If you are experiencing a maintenance emergency after business hours in Denver or Colorado Springs,
please call our emergency hotline at 719-358-9587.

Looking to save money on your energy bill?
Check out these 10 Energy Saving Tips under $10
from Colorado Springs Utilities!


Turn your thermostat down in the winter and up in the summer

In the winter, keep your thermostat at 68 degrees when at home (put a sweater on if it gets chilly) and 60 degrees when not at home or sleeping. During the summer, set your air conditioner thermostat to 78 degrees when you’re at home and 85 degrees when you’re away.

Turn off lights in empty rooms.

On average, lighting your home accounts for 10 to 15 percent of your energy bill. Be sure to flip the switch when you’re leaving a room


Microwave food or use a toaster oven or grill rather than a conventional oven

Avoid using a large conventional oven when cooking small portions of food. Microwaves and toaster ovens use much less energy, but cook foods just as well. In the summer, use your outdoor grill.


Wash only full loads of dishes and laundry

You’ll conserve the amount of natural gas used to heat the water that your dishwasher and washing machine need. You’ll not only be saving energy, but you’ll be saving water too

Use the sun and window coverings to control the temperature in your home.

Open window coverings on sunny days to let in the sun’s warmth. Close them at night or on cloudy days to keep the cold air out. Use draperies, blinds, curtains or shutters on all windows to slow the loss of heat through the glass


Adjust the temperature on your hot water heater.

Water heating typically accounts for 16 percent of your energy bill. Set water heater temperatures no higher than 120 degrees.


Position your furniture in your home for optimal comfort.

Make sure your furniture is placed next to inside walls instead of outside walls, and away from drafty windows. Avoid blocking heat registers and returns with furniture, draperies or carpet.


Seal leaks and cracks especially around windows and doors.

Poorly sealed homes allow heated air to escape through gaps. Caulking and weather-stripping reduces uncomfortable drafts and lowers energy bills.

Replace old light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs.

By replacing 25 percent of your lights in high-use areas with CFLs, you can cut your lighting costs in half


Check and replace furnace and A/C filters

Replace furnace and air conditioner filters every 30 days to maximize its operating efficiency. A dirty filter makes the equipment work harder to push air through it


Other common maintenance issues and troubleshooting:

Is your outlet not working?

This video shows you how to reset your GFI outlets and circuit breaker. 

*Note: If you are completely without power- you need to contact your utility company first*

Garbage Disposal Reset

If your garbage disposal isn’t running, you can try these steps to see if it just needs a simple reset before submitting a maintenance request:

Changing batteries in a fire alarms and CO Detectors

As a tenant, you are most likely responsible for changing batteries during the course of your lease term.

Changing batteries in smoke detectors is an important safety measure. Check out this video for the steps:

Thermostat information

Watch this video for great tips and information on thermostat settings and the heat in your rental home!


Plunger to unclog a drain or toilet

If you have a clogged toilet, shower, or sink drain- you can try the techniques in this video before contacting us for a maintenance request. Some clogs can be taken care of without a plumber.

Lawn Care

For single family home rentals, it is typically the tenant’s responsibility to maintain the exterior, including the lawn.

Here is a video with some tips on how to keep the lawn healthy: